TNME is proud to be collaborating with Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth for a performance that will be taking place at The Modern in Fort Worth, in the grand lobby, on Friday June 12th at 6:30pm. This performance is in conjunction with the Merce Cunningham Centennial.

TNME and CD/FW will be performing 5 solo flute works with choreography (improvisation) from 5 dancers.

We hope you’ll join us for this very special and unique presentation.

CD/FW Info:
Fort Worth’s first professional modern dance company, Contemporary Dance / Fort Worth was formed with the mission of promoting and producing Modern Dance in the Fort Worth and Tarrant County area. The CD/FW Company’s repertory includes works by choreographers recognized on local, regional, and national levels. In addition to producing the CD/FW Co., the organization presents independent choreographers and dancers, as well as other professional modern dance companies. Through touring, CD/FW strives to bring recognition to the local arts community. In performance, and in its educational programs and community outreach activities, CD/FW seeks to build enthusiastic audiences for the living arts, while promoting a wider appreciation and understanding of Modern Dance.

Please visit the their website to learn more about Contemporary Dance/Fort Worth

CD/FW Website

Photo Credits:
Photo of Mysti Jace Pride (upper right) by Roger Ho
Photo of Collette Stewart (left) by John Maniaci
Photo of Jessica Thomas and Tina Mullone (lower right) by Milton Adams

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