The cornerstones of a successful nonprofit organization are the individuals and companies that believe in the mission, vision, and the success of those impacted. Their support reinforces the organization’s ability to serve its community, expand its programming, and ultimately, thrive.  We are humbled and honored to have the following community members acting as pillars for Texas New Music Ensemble.

Major Supporters and Donors

Concert Presenter: $2,500 – $9,999

Jason Herbst, Sam Cole

Director’s Circle: $1,000 – $2,499

Composer’s Circle: $500 – $999

Anonymous, Stephen Lias, Peter Lieuwen, Joe LoCascio, Joel Love, Yevgeniy Sharlat, Joshua Zinn

TNME Best Friends: $250 – $499

Robert Arduino, Heather Killian

TNME Friends: $100 – $249

Aaron Bohls, Aubin Bryan, Chris Maltba, Michael Shaneyfelt, Trey Turner, Megan Walker

Donors: $10 – $99

Karim Al-Zand, Anonymous, Marilyn Becker, Ann Behravesh, Jonathan Beitler, Tessa Cabello, Steve Candelari, Sherry Cheng, Eunkyoung Choi, Nancy Frachtman, Josh French, Natalie Gallagher, Isabelle Ganz, Alan Harrison, Brian Hodge, Bill Hudgins, Samantha Jarvis, Paul Kasperitis, Panayiotis Kokoras, Tom Lee, Marcus Maroney, Katie McNeary, Till Meyn, Linda Parker, Brandon Parkin, Jacqueline Levett-Prinsep, Kevin Richardson, Amy Springs, Bill Tackett, Kathleen Turner, Nora Villarreal, Blake Walker, Mark Wozny, Josh Young

Corporate Sponsors

If you have questions regarding your listing or charitable gift, please contact TNME Artistic Director, Chad Robinson at